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Disclaimer: Information here is not medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease, nor to replace the advice you could get from a health professional. If you are in doubt, please see a doctor (or several). So if you're in doubt, and especially if you have some other symptoms, please see a doctor.

Hi. I am 30 years old and have two children. I was a 32A since puberty, until my first pregnancy when my breast increased in size to a 32B. My second pregnancy caused my breast to increase to 34C. I also breastfed both my children with success. I also ate very well during these periods and therefore produced a lot of milk. I have stopped breastfeeding and my breast size have decreased to its original A cup, except now it is a 34A, but I am also back to my original pre-pregnancy weight. Yeah, it is small, but hey! it sure did serve one of its major purposes. I do lots of exercise and feel very good about myself.


I'm 14 and my size is a 38B is that a big size?

38B is just kind of average size for adult women, not small and not big. Of course yours might still grow since you're only 14.

I am 14 and have 36dd breasts. I hate them and wish I was like my other friends. If I try and lose weight, will this make breasts smaller or will they droop? I don't wear under wire bras because it makes my breasts stick too. Please help and reply.


If you lose weight, then yes, you will lose some fat from your breasts too and they will be smaller. That may cause them to droop too.

However, be careful of dieting and losing weight. It should only be done if you are overweight. You should not become underweight - that brings serious health problems as well like hormonal problems and brittle bones, delayed growth and development. And, while dieting, make sure you get enough minerals and vitamins and other essential nutrients like omega-3 fats. There was a study in England where some teenage girls were less intelligent than normal ones because their diet did not contain enough iron (and other minerals I'm sure as well).

my name is stephanie..and my chest is a 32a..not even..and my turnabout dance is coming up..and i bought a dress and it is embarrassing because it is low cut and i have no breast..and i really want boobs..for that one there anything for me to do so i can look like i have boobs..?? for that one night??? please help..PLEASE


I don't really know for sure what you could do. Would it help to sew some padding on the dress itself? And wear padded bras. But, in the long run, you might be interested in buying dresses that do look good on you... One girl who wrote to us from the flat chested page buys flapper style dresses (it was fashionable in the 1920s), or Sue Wong. Maybe that would work for you too.

I am 13 years old. i just got my period but i am very flat chested. i don't even fit into A cups will my breasts still grow even tho ive already gotten my period?

Your breasts will still grow and develop. However you probably will have fairly small breasts. Look to your mother and other relatives; that will often give you an idea of your final breast size. Also make sure you eat well and healthy; women who are underweight usually have very small breasts.

hi i am thirteen years old and i am flat chested, i am so obbssed with my boobs i dont go anwhere. i sit home every day, i hate life , i have recently tried to kill myself and i dont know what to do. i am going to try a herbal pill that will try to help. if not , i am going to try to do plastic at home with a friend. do you think this a good idea?

I think that is a foolish idea. I do not believe taking your life is good. Committing a suicide never helps anybody. Remember, breast development takes years. At 13 years of you have probably not yet finished developing and going through pubertal changes. Read the page about breast development to learn more. Also, you could read Body image, breast, and puberty to understand WHAT has most likely caused you to feel that way: the images you see in the TV and magazines of models who have certain kind of breasts. Often the models have breast implants, or those images many may have been manipulated to give a look of big breasts. They simply are not reflecting the reality of real women's breasts. Even if you remained relatively small-breasted or even flat-chested after teen years, remember that the PERSON (you) is much more important than ANY body part. People who care about you, realize that, and they care about you no matter what your breast size. You could also try to talk to your mom or dad or both. They probably are very concerned and want to help you.

I am a fifteen year old girl and often feel conscious about my "nubs" or very small breasts- 32A. And there are times when I get VERY jealous of my bigger breasted friends. For example, I bought a LOVELY red sweater that I thought really suited, but was very lowcut. When I tried it on, it looked okay... but then my best friend tried it on, and her C cup cleavage looked amazing. Made me feel very small indeed...
But then I looked again and saw that in other areas, I had a lovely body. For example, some people might think being small chested is awful, but I'm also 5 foot 8 and 112 pounds... a slim figure only slightly bigger than some supermodels. To some people, having this figure is wonderful.
Small breasts are all how you look on it... lots of lads I know admire breasts of all sizes. I think that most of the time a man will be so happy to see/feel your breasts, he won\'t care what size they are! They should be grateful, girls!
Small boobs are more elegant anyway- they don't get as saggy, generally stay firmer and look way more refined and classy in clothing, as well as the fact they make you look skinnier than you are. It's gotta help!


I have a question. I am 15 and have had my period for about 13 months, and my breasts are not growing at all. Why are they not growing. They don't even fit in an alomst A cup. My breasts also look like hypoplastic tubular breasts.

Hello, I really appreciate this website, and the q&a page with other girls' questions really helps, but I have a problem and need advice. I am 15 and I had my period when I was 13, and I have pubic hair and all the other signs of puberty, but I don't even fit an A cup yet. I am normal weight, but almost completely flat-chested. Please give me advice, because I think by now I should be developing more, like the other girls my age, and I'm afraid I'm abnormal.

Hi Lena5 and 'anonymous',
Breast development starts with the breast bud stage, which happens a while before your menstruation begins. Then there is growth of the ducts and fat gets deposited in the breast. Then your menstruation comes at some point, and the breasts grow and develop further for several years after that.

It may be that your breasts will stay that size that they're now, or only grow a little, since it's a while after your period started. Typically, flat-chested girls go through the breast bud stage but for some reason the breasts don't grow in size very much. However, during pregnancy the breasts do develop more and grow in size, and flat-chested women can breastfeed and produce milk. A totally flat woman can go to a B cup while breastfeeding.

So you're not abnormal in the sense that your breasts are functional and can make milk in the future. You're also not abnormal in the sense that there are many many other women out there with a flat chest (or almost that). They typically used padded bras so you don't necessarily notice it from outside unless you know the person. It is true that your breasts seemingly didn't develop the same way as most women's do, and unfortunately we don't know for sure why that happens sometimes.

The best way to go on is to accept yourself as you are. Being flat-chested is not any rare weird condition that no one has heard of; other people and guys are aware of the possibility. Be glad this is not affecting your ability to make breast milk (though obviously with small 'storage space' your baby might need to nurse quite often).

Flat-chested girls often wonder how to increase breast size; which is very understandable in this society where the pressure to have big breasts is so great. Unfortunately, breast implants bring with them a lot of physical suffering and sometimes even a crippling disease. I will paste here one flat-chested woman's story with implants. She doesn't want her name posted.
Hope this helps, Maria from 007 Breasts

"I had one of the most long ago breast implants in 1970. I did so because I was flat as a board, and one breast was slightly larger than the other, including the nipples. I was so ashamed of my bodice! Then I saw an add on television - plastic surgeons advertising this new breast augmentation procedure, and I signed up after much thinking.

The doctors must have been very new at what they were doing because fifteen years later my breasts had become so sore and rigid and "fixed" in place that I went to another plastic surgeon who took out my implants and to his horror said that one implant had atrophied and was the size of a golf ball. He kept it in a jar as a specimen! He also told me that when he went in to remove the implants, it looked like I had had a partial mastectomy!

Well, I never had had a mastectomy, but it seems the first doctors had taken away much of my own tissue, little that I had, and I hadn't know it! That must have been why I had been in such intense soreness and pain for two months after having the original implants put in! So I may as well call that a partial double mastectomy.

The second doctor, who kept my golf ball size atrophied removed implant, replaced those old implants with new ones, still silicone. He almost used saline-filled, but changed his mind. However, I requested a smaller size implant this time. I think the original implants were C's, and the newer ones are B's.

My newer (now l2 years old, the new ones) implants are hideously uncomfortable, and I always feel like I'm wearing a push-up bra, only I can't take it off because it's inside me. Bras dig into the scar lines below my breast areas and hurt all day. Also, I, too could not breast-feed my babies. No milk would come out, I think as a result of the implant surgery, which also took away most of the sensation in the nipple area (mostly numb from the start after the original surgery).

If I had these implants removed, I'm afraid to see what I'd look like, what with the little tissue I was born with removed, as well, all those years ago.

However, I have constant nausea, no energy, I lack concentration and retention of reading material, and fear that I had silicone leakage at least from the first pair.

Please feel free to use this letter, but please don't reveal my name. I would advise anyone considering this procedure to NOT have it. It's too high a price to pay to have a more "normal" bodice. It was awful having the uneven pair of little breasts that I was dealt, and it has been wonderful to have a "normal" looking bodice, but I wish I had never had this procedure. I don't know where it all went inside me, and I never feel well for long.

Thank you for your time and consideration."

I am a 22 year old asian female. My breasts are a 32AA. They have stopped growing since I was about 12. I am wondering if this could be a hormone deficiency? I am also worried that my breasts will lack the hormones and capability of producing milk for my children when I become a mother. Is there a doctor that specializes in this? What do you think about my situation?

You probably have perfectly normal breasts. Remember breast size is determined by your genes, and people of Asian origin usually are smaller in stature and thinner than Africans or Caucasians, so naturally Asian women also have smaller breasts in average. Breast size does not determine the ability to produce milk. A big part of the size difference in breast comes from the fat tissue in them but it's not the fat that makes milk - it's the alveoli, or milk glands. Those glands increase in number during pregnancy and so your breasts will grow during pregnancy. Smaller breasts will have smaller storage capacity so the baby will need to nurse more often, but the hormones and milk production work just fine whether the breasts are small or big. Chances are your hormones are fine, but if you're worried, or if you have other symptoms, you can check with an endocrinologist (a doctor that specializes in hormonal disorders).

This site is great! I think it's really helping some girls/women. I am going into Gr. 9 this coming school year. I got my period in March (6 months ago). My breats were about a 32A before my period, and haven't really grown much. One breast is slightly larger than the other. (but only a little bit) I am normal weight, and very active in sports. My sister is a 36C, but isn't as active as me. My mom's side is in the big B's, and C's while my dad's side is average B's. I feel a little self-conscious about my breats because much of my friends are bigger than me. Is it because I am very active that I am small breasted? Will my breasts grow anymore? Also, I heard that being 'hit' or 'punched' in the breast can stunt, and decrease your breast size. Is that true? Thanks!!

Hi Ash, it sounds like you might very well end up close to your dad's side... you still have a long time to let your breasts develop, and you're looking at women who have matured, who are 'fattier', and who probably been pregnant. Being very active means that the overall fat percent of your body is lower than those who don't do much sports. And that means you probably have less fat in your breasts than others, so they might very well be slightly smaller because of that.
I am not sure if a punch would be any problem. I do know that if the (to-be) breast bud gets damaged as a child, it can stunt the breast growth. It might be possible that serious physical damage to the breast could affect the developing some. Sorry for not knowing better.

I am a thirteen year old girl and I wear a size 34B but I have it as loose as you can get it and I take it off and it leaves read marks under my breasts, should I move up a size? Is 34B small. I really didn't think B's would look so small but to me I look not flat but not big enough. My family ranges from high b's to D's. Will my breasts grow in time. I don't turn 15 until march. I weigh 118lbs and am 5'2.

It sounds you should get a bigger bra - maybe 36B. You might have B-cup size breasts but your chest is now too small for the 34 size. Your breasts are still developing and growing - so naturally you might need to increase the bra size. If a bra leaves red marks, that is not good. Remember also that breasts benefit from bra-free time.

i am almost 18 years old and i got my period when i was 16. i was flat chested before my period and i still am. now when i say flat i mean absolutely flat. no bump at all. are you truly telling me that that is how i will always be? i should get some breast shouldn't i? i don't even look like a girl. please give me some hope!! could i have a disease or something?

Hello worried,
USUALLY, flat chested girls do go through the breast bud stage, and their nipple grows bigger or looks 'swollen'. You got your period fairly late... so there is a possibility of some hormonal disorder or something - delayed puberty for some reason perhaps? Yes, I think you could check with a doctor.

A lot of my friends say that my breasts are a lot bigger than they were last year and it looks funny on me because i am very short. Now a lot of guys stare at my breasts all the time. last year i was a 32AA but now i am a 36C. is this normal to grow so much just in a year??


Yes, that can happen. Your breasts may end up being larger than average. You will probably still grow in height, too. Click here to read more about changes during puberty.

I am a 16 year old girl, and I wear a size 34c. Well, at least one of my boobs fits in the 34c, the other is only like a 34b, or maybe 34a. It is very obvious when when I don't wear a bra that one of my boobs is bigger than the other. It is very embarassing, even though I always wear a pad in one side of my bra. I am always self concious about my bust line, and want to get a implnat in that side, really bad. But my mom says I have to wait till I'm done growing to do that. Is there any way to tell when I'm done growing? If not, is there anything I can do to make the one grow alittle more? Signed, Help

For most, breast development takes 3-5 years from whenever it began, but some girls continue developing for more years, and up to their early twenties. Your uneven breasts may therefore still even out - nobody knows. Or, it may even out some during pregnancy when the breasts grow more. Unfortunately, there really isn't anything you could do to make the one grow, though.

My breasts are only a 32 A. I just turned 15 years old a month ago and got my period when i was 12 and a half. I am skinny and 5'3 and 100 pounds. My mom says I have her body type and she was skinny like me when she was my age. She weighs 130 and is 5'5 and an average B cup. My dad's side of the family all has big boobs. They are in the C's and D's. My mom's side is all mixed with anywhere from A to D. My question is, is it possible that I could get some of the bigger boobs in my family or will I probably have my mom's size? Can I have my mom's bone structure and my grandmother's D cup boobs? Is it also possible that I may have my grandmother's voluptuous body that she had when she was young and am just a late bloomer? I am small and people often think I am younger than I really am. Please Help! Thanks!

The questions about genetics are hard to answer; it sounds like you are more to your mom's side, but only time will tell for sure. Remember also that skinny people seldom have big breasts. You may very well end up with B-cup size later on if you gain weight. Many girls do get a fuller look to their breast and some feminine curves elsewhere in their body around their early twenties.



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